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Auf Fragen bezüglich des Textes antworten (richtig/falsch)

PRESENTER: Good morning to everyone. The presentation today is about the latest research and analysis of the total market of SloFoods yoghurts. I’ve divided the presentation into three parts. In the first part I’ll give an overview of the total market of SloFood yoghurts. Then I’ll continue with a more detailed explanation of each brand of yoghurt. In the last part we’ll turn to suggestions for the improvement of performance and I’ll be happy to answer your questions at the end of my presentation. Let’s start with an overview of the two brands’ performance. As you all probably know, the yoghurts’ performance has remained poor even after the latest promotional campaign which gives us many reasons for concern. What is the key reason for such an alarming situation? The main reasons for this are the disastrous performance of the two yoghurts in the northern area and the overall trend to buy low-fat yoghurts. There have always been ups and downs in the northern area, but the last year has been disastrous. Although the northern area is only our second major market, its reduction in performance are affecting the whole market.

overview …

Now I’d like us to move to the next part, the individual performances of the two brands. We’ll start with Mljask Yoghurt. Its sales in five months have gone from bad to worse. If you take a look at the upper part of the chart here, you can see that five months ago Mljask Yoghurt performance was satisfying, even slightly increasing by three per cent towards the end of 2009. Then the sales performance plunged in the first two months in this year. The brand’s performance declined for fifteen per cents hitting a low for the first time after 1998. Moreover, in the past the brand’s sales always recovered after promotional campaigns, but the latest campaign brought no such results. The chart also shows the individual sale numbers after the campaign which haven’t recovered not even for 0, 5 per cent.

I’d like to continue with Happytime Yoghurt. Looking at the chart you can see that the sale numbers of this brand are a bit less disappointing than Mljask Yoghurt. However, a seven per cent decrease is not a considerably better performance, especially since Happytime Yoghurt was always one of the most successful SloFoods brands. The chart shows that the brand had a solid performance for over six years.

MARKO: Have you included the turbulent year of 2006 in your analysis?

PRESENTER: Yes, Marko, that’s very interesting. Of course we’ve included the year 2006, and let me tell you that despite such turbulent times for SloFoods in 2006 the brand’s performance was better than today.

PRESENTER: Right. So Happytime Yoghurt sales have decreased by seven per cent in the past five months and, as you can see from the chart, almost the whole dip took place in the northern area. What is going on in the northern area? Nothing much and that is what is most alarming. In the first sector, Happytime Yoghurt has changed its retailer and, as the chart shows, this sector had the most solid performance, which could be due to more intense promotion in this sector. Looking at the brand, it performed disastrously in the other two sectors.

further discussion …

MAJA: Is it possible that the promotion in these two sectors wasn’t suitable and efficient enough?

PRESENTER: Thank you, Maja. This is a very interesting question. Would it be OK if I answered it at the end of the presentation?

MAJA: Of course.

PRESENTER: Right. Before we start with questions I’d like you to have a closer look at the two charts again and if you find anything that you don’t understand, I’d be happy to explain.

PRESENTER: Now, are there any questions? … Right, to break the ice, let us go back to Maja’s question which I received during the presentation. Maja, you asked whether the promotion in sectors C and D wasn’t efficient enough. I think it is best if Karl Vidmar, SloFoods Marketing manager, and the one who will be able to give us some details about the promotion in the northern area, answers Maja’s question. Mr Vidmar go ahead.

Mr Vidmar explains

PRESENTER: Thank you, Mr Vidmar.

questions …

PRESENTER: This was the final question today. To conclude, I’d like to invite you all downstairs where the administrator will hand out extra material. Thank you for your attention.

  1. The presentation is about the latest analysis of SloFoods yoghurts.
  2. There are three SloFoods yoghurt brands.
  3. The presentation is divided into two parts.
  4. The brands’ names are Happytime Yoghurt and Mmm Yoghurt.
  5. The brands’ performance has decreased.
  6. The new promotional campaign has helped improve the brands’ performance.
  7. The worst market area for SloFoods is the northern area.
  8. The presenter starts the presentation with an anecdote.
  9. The performance of Mljask Yoghurt started to decline/plunge five months ago.
  10. The sale performance of the brands hit low for the first time after 2006.
  11. The sale numbers for Happytime Yoghurt are less disappointing than those for Mljask Yoghurt.
  12. Happytime Yoghurt has always been one of the worst SloFoods brands.
  13. Maja raised the first question.
  14. The presenter answered the first question immediately.
  15. There is much going on in the northern area.
  16. The retailer of Happytimes Yoghurt has changed.
  17. The performance of the Happytimes Yoghurt was disastrous in the first section of the northern area.
  18. The presenter answered the second question right away.
  19. The presenter invited the attendees to ask questions during the presentation.
  20. We found out how many attendees there are.
  21. Mr Vidmar is SloFoods Sales manager.
  22. The presenter used three charts for the presentation.
  23. The presenter invited the attendees to join him downstairs for lunch.
  24. The administrator handed out extra material.
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