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    Alles zur englischen Sprache an einem Ort

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CHAIRLADY: Hello everybody. If we are all here, we can get started. Before we begin with the meeting, I’d like to introduce myself and my colleagues. My name is Petra Petrič and I’m the LogoLogo Marketing director. This is Jože Bokal, Sales Director, Mojca Sovdat, from Marketing, David Jereb, from Sales, and Sandi Novak, my assistant. It’s very nice to see the team from London here with us again. Thank you for coming. Could everyone tell us a bit about themselves, please?

MARK HARRISON: Hello everybody. On behalf of the LogoLogo London team, I thank you for inviting us. We’re looking forward to today’s meeting. I’m Mark Harrison, Sales Director at LogoLogo in London. I’ve been working at LogoLogo for over ten years, five years as Sales Director.

SAMANTHA THOMPSON: Hello. I’m Samantha Thompson, the new Marketing Director. I’ve been a part of the LogoLogo team for five years and this is my first month as the Marketing Director. This is my assistant Kelly Clarke.

KELLY CLARKE: Hello. I’m Ms Thompson’s assistant and I’ve been working for LogoLogo for two years.

JOHN WATSON: Hello, my dear colleagues. I’m John Watson and I’ve been working as marketing consultant for the past two years.

JONATHAN HILL: Good morning. It’s nice to be here. I’m working at LogoLogo Marketing department as consultant. I worked at our Paris branch for three years and now I've been back in London for the past few months.

CHAIRLADY: Thank you all. I have to apologize for Daniel Tratnik, our marketing consultant who is working in Paris this month, developing the Joyfree marketing strategy, but he will join us at our next meeting. Now, I suggest we start our meeting. Let us first take a look at today’s agenda. We have three items on the agenda, but as you all know, the main objective of the meeting today is to improve sales in Western market areas. First let us hear the Sales Directors, we’ll start with your report Mr Harrison.

MARK HARRISON: Thank you, Ms Petrič. I’ll be brief. Our department in London has made an analysis of the sales in the Western market areas which have shown big changes. Unfortunately, despite improving some figures, the changes are negative and are represented by losing two customers, one in Germany and the other in England. The figures are improving, but this is primarily because of new rural market areas. So it seems that our decision to develop the business in the rural areas proved as our salvation. Without it we would have been forced to raise the prices which would have probably lead to some serious problems with our customers. So in my opinion, we must continue to develop our business in the rural market areas and try to find ways to preserve our existent customers. This is a very brief report and I’d like to hear your opinion and ideas now. Perhaps you first, Mr Bokal. What do you think about the present situation and sales in rural western market areas?

JOŽE BOKAL: I agree with you, Mr Harrison. Our team has been making a similar analysis proving we have been focusing too much on urban customers and market areas. This is why the LogoLogo Marketing and Sales need to develop a good strategy and advertising campaign.

CHAIRLADY: Mr Harrison, would you like to add anything?

MARK HARRISON: Yes, I’d like to say thanks to the Slovenian team. You’ve already sent us your analysis which is very detailed. You’ve done a good job.

CHAIRLADY: I suggest we continue with the presentation of this analysis. David, would you start, please?

DAVID JEREB: Of course. ……. presentation……..

CHAIRLADY: Thank you very much, David. Now I’d like to hear some views and ideas from the rest of you. What do you think?

JONATHAN HILL: Yes, I was listening very carefully and I agree with Mark and Mr Bokal, but only to a point. I agree we need to focus on the rural Western market areas, but I don’t think that we have to focus and analyze the specific needs of the rural areas. I believe we should develop the rural areas with the same effort and in the same way as the urban market. We shouldn’t deal with the rural customers as with an ‘alien world’.

MOJCA SOVDAT: Excuse me, Mr Hill, but I didn’t quite catch what you’ve said?

JONATHAN HILL: I’ve just said that we need to work and develop the rural market areas in the same way as the urban market. I believe the rural customers don’t want to feel like they live in a different world.

MOJCA SOVDAT: Yes, I see now.

CHAIRLADY: Would you like to add anything, Mr Hill?

JONATHAN HILL: Yes, I’d like to say a few things about my experiences in working in Paris. Our branch in Paris has a very good strategy as far as the urban areas are concerned. …… presentation and discussion……

CHAIRLADY: I’m afraid we’re running out of time. I’d like to summarize the main points of what we’ve said today:

-          rural customers need special care to feel equal and valued,

-          we need to find more detailed information about our Western rural customers,

-          the Ljubljana and London team will work together on the strategy and marketing campaign.

The LogoLogo team from London we’ll be staying in Ljubljana until the end of this week, so I suggest we meet again, as planned, on Friday at 10 o’clock. How does that work for you all? Excellent. I’d like to thank everyone for your cooperation and I’m really looking forward to meeting you back soon. The meeting is closed. See you on Friday. Have a nice time in Ljubljana. Goodbye.

  1. Mr Petrič is the chairman at the meeting.
  2. The Slovenian LogoLogo team consists of five members.
  3. The chairperson also introduces the minute taker.
  4. The chairperson is the Finance director.
  5. The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss improving sales in the Eastern market areas.
  6. The chairperson apologizes for two people.
  7. Jonathan Hill worked in Paris for three years.
  8. The Marketing directors have the first word.
  9. Mr Bokal agrees with Mr Harrison.
  10. Jonathan Hill completely agrees with Mr Harrison and Mr Bokal.
  11. Mr Hill believes that the rural customers need to be dealt with separately and differently than the urban ones.
  12. Mr Hill repeats his opinion.
  13. Mr Hill presents his experiences of working in Tokyo.
  14. Sandi Novak and Kelly Clarke are assistants.
  15. Both LogoLogo teams make an analysis of the sales in the Eastern market areas.
  16. LogoLogo lost two customers in Germany and England.
  17. The meeting ends because all the items are covered.
  18. The chairperson summarizes three main items at the end of the meeting.
  19. The London team will return to England right after the meeting.
  20. The participants fix a date for the next meeting.
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