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    Alles zur englischen Sprache an einem Ort

Auf Fragen bezüglich des Textes antworten (richtig/falsch)

A: So, as I see from your resume, you’ve been working for ABK Consultants for five years. Could you tell me a bit about your responsibilities there?

B: Well, I am responsible for advising our clients on investment matters. First I consult the client and establish his/her aims and then prepare a thorough research to get the best possible solution for our client. I invite the client once again to present the final investment package and to hear the client’s opinion.

A: Why do you want to leave your present job position?

B: I’d like to develop my skills and broaden my knowledge concerning international investments. And since I believe Clever Investment Solutions is the best company in this field I’d be very happy to be a part of this amazing team.

A: This job involves a lot of travelling, in fact, our investment experts spend more than a half of the year abroad. Is that going to be a problem for you?

B: No problem at all. I’m used to travelling, I’ve been travelling my whole life, since our family moved a lot because of my father’s work. I’ve spent some of my youth in Germany, the rest in China, and I finished my studies in the USA. The only time I haven’t travelled much are these five years spent in London working at ABK Consultants.

A: I see, I must say I’m happy to hear this. And which was your favorite part of the world?

B: Interestingly, I was fascinated equally by European countries, as well as Asia and the States. I admire each culture and I always look forward to travelling there again.

A: What would you say is the most difficult aspect of your current job?

B: The most demanding part is preparing additional investment packages for our clients when their financial situation has changed or due to other problems. However, such work is also the most challenging and it is always an excellent way of developing and strengthening my skills and knowledge.

A: Speaking of skills and knowledge, what do you consider to be your greatest strength?

B: Well, because of the line of work involving a lot of travelling I believe I’m the perfect person for the job because of my travelling experience and my way of life. Of course, I have gained wide experience in the field of investments working at ABK Consultants and I would also stress my competence in always finding a new possibility of investment for our clients.

A: What about your weaknesses?

B: Well, I noticed myself spending too much time making sure our clients are satisfied, but I’m aware of this and I set myself time limits.

A: Do you have any other working experience?

B: Yes, before ABK Consultants, I spent a year and a half working as an assistant to an investment consultant at K&T in Brussels, and I can also mention some experience in financing from the time I worked as the second assistant to the Director of a bank branch during my student years in New York.

A: When could you start working, Mr Roberts?

B: As soon as possible. I’m no longer contractually bound to work for ABK Consultants.

  1. The interviewee prepared a resume for the potential employer.
  2. The interviewer asks about the candidate’s responsibilities at his current job.
  3. The candidate works as a financial consultant.
  4. The candidate mentions why he would like to work for Clever Investment Solutions.
  5. The candidate lived in Asia.
  6. Europe is the candidate’s favourite part of the world.
  7. The candidate’s weakness is his wish for the satisfaction of the clients, which results in problems with deadlines.
  8. Mr Roberts is the interviewer.
  9. Working at ABK Consultants is the candidate’s only working experience.
  10. The interviewee mentions the challenges of finding additional investment packages.
  11. The candidate can start working in two weeks.
  12. The candidate believes he would be perfect for the job because he is an excellent communicator.
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