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    Alles zur englischen Sprache an einem Ort

Verneinte Verb-Formen in die Zeitform des "Past Perfect Simple" setzen (Verneinte Sätze)


Henry ............ (not read) the article before he called.

Antwort: had not read.

    • Sheila 
    •  (not try)
    •  Chinese food before we ate at that restaurant. 
    •  (not walk)
    •  my dog before I went to work because of the bad weather. 
    • We had some problems with communication because we 
    •  (not speak)
    •  German for ten years before we visited Germany. 
    • She exclaimed that she 
    •  (not feel)
    •  that good in ages. 
    • He said that he 
    •  (not be)
    •  to Paris yet. 
    • We had to go to another restaurant because we 
    •  (not reserve)
    •  anything and all the tables were taken. 
    • I was surprised they 
    •  (not hear)
    •  the news about my new company. 
    • When I locked the door I remembered I 
    •  (not turn off)
    •  the lights. 
    • They 
    •  (not live)
    •  in Slovenia before 2000. 
    • The waiter brought a drink that Peter 
    •  (not order)
    • The little girl 
    •  (not touch)
    •  a snake before that day. 
    • Jim won the match although he  
    •  (not play)
    •  table tennis before. 
    • Surprisingly, I 
    •  (not fall)
    •  asleep before the film finished. 
    • They 
    •  (not visit)
    •  me before they moved to Greece. 
    • They 
    •  (not do)
    •  enough research into the market before they launched the new product. 
    •  (not ride)
    •  a camel before that holiday in Egypt. 
    • I was sure that I 
    •  (not forget)
    •  my USB key. 
    • Lucy thought they 
    •  (not notice)
    •  her. 
    • They 
    •  (not believe)
    •  him until they saw it with their own eyes. 
    • I knew Tania 
    •  (get)
    •  over her ex, so I didn't mention his name. 
    • The actor 
    •  (not shoot)
    •  more than five films before he received his first award. 
    • They informed us that they 
    •  (not transfer)
    •  the money yet. 
    • The man was hit by a black car. The young driver  
    •  (not see)
    •  him. 
    • Their flat was dirty. They  
    •  (not clean)
    •  it for a long time. 
    • He 
    •  (not iron)
    •  his shirt and looked a mess. 
    • Yuri was very tired. He 
    •  (not sleep)
    •  well. 
    • He said he  
    •  (not read)
    •  my email because he had been on holiday. 
    • Denis 
    •  (not take)
    •  his umbrella before he went out. He came home totally wet. 
    • My mom 
    •  (not water)
    •  the flowers before we went on our holiday. When we came home they were dead. 
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