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    Alles zur englischen Sprache an einem Ort

Verneinte Verb-Formen in die Zeitform des "Past Tense Simple" setzen (Verneinte Sätze)


Henry ............ (see) Mary yesterday.

Antwort: did not see.

    • Sandra 
    •  (not understand)
    •  what they were saying. 
    • We 
    •  (not know)
    •  what to do yesterday evening so we went to the cinema. 
    •  (not want)
    •  to hurt you. 
    • I am sorry, I 
    •  (not mean)
    •  to disturb you. 
    • We 
    •  (not eat)
    •  that cake because it looked strange. 
    •  (not call)
    •  you because I was too occupied with all the preparations. 
    • I  
    •  (not know)
    •  what to do so I asked my friend for some advice. 
    • Sue 
    •  (not say)
    •  anything but we knew that there was something wrong. 
    • They 
    •  (not walk)
    •  home. They went by car. 
    • I was so excited I 
    •  (not sleep)
    •  last night at all. 
    • Linda 
    •  (not come)
    •  to work yesterday because she fell ill. 
    • Tim  
    •  (not speak)
    •  much at the meeting because he is rather shy. 
    • The boy 
    •  (not understand)
    •  the meaning of the word so he looked it up in the dictionary. 
    • My grandmother 
    •  (not wait)
    •  for more than 15 minutes to see the doctor. 
    • Jimmy 
    •  (not cry)
    •  much as a baby. 
    • The price 
    •  (not include)
    •  any food, so our holiday cost quite a lot of money in the end. 
    • Our neighbour 
    •  (not let)
    •  the visitors in because she 
    •  (not know)
    •  them. 
    • The Browns 
    •  (not arrive)
    •  on time because the plane was delayed. 
    •  (not think)
    •  my partner would agree. 
    •  (not read)
    •  the article because I had not bought that newspaper. 
    • They 
    •  (not break)
    •  their promise. 
    • Mr Trump 
    •  (not give up)
    • , which is why he succeeded. 
    •  (not feel)
    •  anything when they vaccinated me. 
    •  (not run)
    •  yesterday's marathon because I was ill. 
    • We  
    •  (not travel)
    •  first class because we think it is a waste of money. 
    •  (not believe)
    •  in God when I was a teenager. 
    • We  
    •  (not take)
    •  any photos at our holiday because we had forgotten our camera. 
    • The water was really cold so they 
    •  (not swim)
    • I  
    •  (not receive)
    •  any email from you last week. Are you sure you sent it? 
    •  (not listen)
    •  to the radio on my way home as it had broken down. 
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