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    Alles zur englischen Sprache an einem Ort

Verneinte Verb-Formen in die Zeitform des "Present Perfect Simple" setzen (Verneinte Sätze)


Henry ............ (talk to) Jill for a long time.

Antwort: has not talked to.

    •  (not see)
    •  Amanda wearing a skirt yet. 
    • Liz 
    •  (not be)
    •  to New York yet. 
    • They  
    •  (not decide)
    •  which hotel to book for their next holiday. There are just too many. 
    • We 
    •  (not discuss)
    •  the matter since our last meeting. We just 
    •  (not have)
    •  the time for it. 
    • I  
    •  (not express)
    •  my feelings for him yet. 
    • After all that they have been through, they still 
    •  (not forget)
    •  how to make each other laugh. 
    •  (not try)
    •  Turkish food yet. 
    • It 
    •  (not rain)
    •  for over three weeks now and we have to water our garden every day to keep our vegetables. 
    • You 
    •  (not visit)
    •  us in our new house yet, have you? 
    • They 
    •  (not finish)
    •  with that game yet, so don't disturb them right now. 
    •  (not receive)
    •  your letter. Are you sure you have posted it? 
    • They 
    •  (not buy)
    •  a Toyota but a BMW. 
    •  (not complete)
    •  my work so I can't go out with you. 
    •  (not have)
    •  such a good time in years. 
    • Lucy still 
    •  (not forgive)
    •  me for what I did to her. I truly hope she will one day. 
    • Surprisingly, prices 
    •  (not increase)
    •  since May. 
    • I  
    •  (not eat)
    •  much today and I'm starving. Let's go to a restaurant. 
    • Despite all the obstacles, we 
    •  (not quit)
    •  and now we can finally enjoy the fruits of our hard work. 
    •  (not believe)
    •  anything like this could be possible until now. 
    • Ann feels great. She lost ten kilos last year and 
    •  (not put)
    •  any on since. 
    • The Smiths 
    •  (not sell)
    •  that cottage yet. You can still buy it. 
    • After more than a month you still 
    •  (not return)
    •  the books to the library. You'll probably have to pay a late fee now. 
    •  (not inform)
    •  them about our new telephone numbers. Maybe this is the reason why they  
    •  (not call)
    •  us yet. 
    •  (not dance)
    •  this much since high school. 
    • You 
    •  (not calculate)
    •  the sum correctly. Let me have your pocket calculator and I'll show you. 
    • You 
    •  (not read)
    •  my last article, have you? 
    • She 
    •  (not fly)
    •  by plane yet. She probably never will because she is so afraid of it. 
    • Oh, no. I 
    •  (not save)
    •  the file and now I'll have to do everything all over again. 
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