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    Alles zur englischen Sprache an einem Ort

Verneinte Verb-Formen in die Zeitform des "Will- future" setzen (Verneinte Sätze)


Henry ............ (be) here tomorrow.

Antwort: will not be.

    • I promise I  
    •  (not disappoint)
    •  you. 
    • I bet she 
    •  (not remember)
    •  to bring my book. 
    • I guess that this time the meeting  
    •  (not start)
    •  on time again. Half of the people still haven't come. 
    • I think Brandon 
    •  (not let)
    •  you down. He is an honest and reliable man. 
    • I expect Ken 
    •  (not change)
    •  his mind easily. 
    • I suppose the Greens 
    •  (not return)
    •  our calls. 
    • I know it 
    •  (not make)
    •  any difference but I am going to apologize again. 
    • We are sure they 
    •  (not mind)
    •  if we park here. 
    • They are positive we 
    •  (not go)
    •  ahead with the plan. 
    • I am sure she 
    •  (not turn)
    •  you down if you ask her out. 
    •  (not swim)
    •  in this cold water. 
    • Hopefully it 
    •  (not take)
    •  me more than an hour if I try to finish this work today. 
    • I'm afraid your daughter 
    •  (not listen)
    •  to you unless you try to be a bit friendlier. 
    • They are certain they  
    •  (not lose)
    •  next week's match. 
    •  (not quit)
    •  now. After all that I've been through a problem such as this won't stop me from reaching my goal. 
    •  (not take)
    •  your money. You don't owe me anything. 
    • I know they 
    •  (not reject)
    •  our proposal. 
    • Mary is afraid that she 
    •  (not pass)
    •  the exam. 
    • She can't make the copies. Our photocopier 
    •  (not work)
    • We've been negotiating with our suppliers for a week. 
    •  No matter what we say or do, they just 
    •  (not sign)
    •  the new contract. 
    • I don't know whether to tell him or not. I think he 
    •  (not understand)
    • , so maybe it's better to stay quiet. 
    • If Claire stops drinking, she 
    •  (not need)
    •  to worry about keeping her job. 
    •  (not believe)
    •  it till I see it. 
    • When I am older I 
    •  (not go)
    •  to school anymore. 
    • When Lucy is older she 
    •  (not live)
    •  in her parents' house. 
    • Unfortunately, I 
    •  (not able)
    •  to attend the opening of your new business premises. I hope you will have a good time. 
    • Jim obviously has problems. But he 
    •  (not talk)
    •  to anyone about that. 
    • When your daughter is older she 
    •  (not quarrel)
    •  with you any more. 
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